Mandala For My Brother

Since I have started drawing, I have been thinking a lot about my youngest brother who was an artist and passed away in January 2004.  He would have been 64 this March and I still miss him.  I have to say that although he has been gone for a long time now, he is always with me, especially when I am drawing.

This Mandala is done in colours which bring back one of my favourite memories of him.  He was about 7 years old and discovered our mother knitting sweaters for our other 2 brothers for Christmas.  Tim asked if she would make one for him and she said.  They talked for a few minutes and she asked him what colours he wanted in his sweater.  Remember, he was only 7 years old.  He wanted a sweater with grey and pinks.  She was very surprised as you can imagine.  I think what makes this my favourite memory of my brother is the fact that it was the last time I ever saw him that happy.

Christmas morning and Tim is waiting to see what his sweater looks like.  It was the last present he was given to open and oh my.  When he saw his eyes lit up and there was that beautiful that I didn’t see very often.  He loved new sweater and wore that day and every day of the school holiday.  Mom washed it so he could wear it for the first day of school.  He wore it that day and never again.  You see, in the 60s if a boy wore anything that was girlie he was beaten up by some bigger boys in the school.. The sweater, which he loved so much was ripped and could not be fixedimage.  Yes my brother was gay but it never stopped me from loving him for the kind sweet person he was and I miss him so much. I wish he could see what his big sister is doing now.

This Mandala is for you Tim


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