My Drawing Process


My process for drawing this one is shown in the pictures below.  This one makes me very happy.  I have no idea how anyone else starts their drawings but I seem to have found a way to make it easy for me.  My favourite size paper is 11 inches by 15 inches.  Lately I have been trying different types of paper.  If you use watercolour pens or sharpies you need a paper that will not bleed, meaning that what you draw stays where you draw it and doesn’t spread out into the paper.

The way I start is to find the center of my paper and mark it.  I then draw 2 lines, one vertical and one horizontal.  Most who draw Mandalas use different ways to make the circles but I prefer to use a compass. I am the first to admit that my lines are not straight and I do make mistakes, but as in a lot of things that we do, there are really no mistakes. I do these drawings because they make me feel good.  I am happiest when I am drawing and know that someone out there will like some of them.

I have now uploaded pictures of my Mandalas from when I started in July, to now.  I hope that you get some enjoyment out of looking at these drawings.  They are all one of a kind and will not duplicated.  They are all based on my feelings at the time of drawing.  Some I have given as gifts to very important people in my life, without whom I would not be doing this.  To Onix, I thank you for the encouragement, in knowing that I could do this and for pushing me.  To Melita Sampson, I thank you for the your love and friendship.  You both are very important to me and give me the encouragement that I need.

The following pictures will give you an idea of how I do this from start to finish.


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